Freedom for a Muslim is community


For most Muslims, to be truly free as an individual normally means to belong to community.  As Muslims come to follow Jesus, ‘family’ concerns will be paramount.  Believers will think and act plurally.

Around the Muslim world today there are many examples of such groups, growing amid pain, founded on the heads of families who are able, within their cultural contexts to help build a  new family – the family of the church.

In the NT, as the church grew rapidly among Jewish communities, it is twice recorded that the number of men who converted or who comprised the community of ‘brothers’ was 3,000 or 5,000.  Luke’s intention is not to suggest that there were no female nor young members included.  It is simply that in such a society, decisions were group decisions, expressed through the senior male.

The gospel is at home in a culture which functions on a tribal or family basis.





About evanlaar1922

Have you ever noticed how many special ways God refers to us, His dear children? He calls us His beloved sons and daughters, the righteous, children of the kingdom, His anointed, royal priesthood, the faithful in Christ, His temple, His friends, and so many other loving names that speaks to who we are in Him. Also in many cases, the names we are given at birth have both biblical and heavenly identities tied into them. Our Heavenly Father who watches over us daily has created the ideal path for each of us to take to travel the journey of life, just as a father will make plans for his own child by putting things in place at a very early age for education, health, graduation, and marriage. God has predestined and equipped each of us to carry out a specific purpose that will create the design He desires to be in place for His kingdom to be effective in the earth.
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