Persecution stage (100 – 325 A.D.)

persecution stage (100 - 325 A.D.)

In this time period Christians everywhere were persecuted.  Considering them a great threat, Romans ordered Christians killed and burned along with their books.

Manuscripts – The books of the New Testament were copied by hand on manuscripts made of papyri.  The Phoenicians borrowed the Egyptian’s invention and wrote using the alphabet, spreading the message to the known world from Byblos.  When the last surviving apostle, John, was exiled to and died on the island of Patmos, Christians copied the books of the Injeel with renewed passion, distributing them among the churches.  Most members of the Christian community couldn’t afford a personal copy of the entire Injeel.  Partial manuscripts – a few books of the New Testament, not the entire text – were. therefore, produced, distributed and shared among the Christian believers.

Lectionaries – Existence of church lectionaries is one of the most important evidences of the New Testament’s credibility, yet it is often the least studied, least known, and least used.  The number of knows lectionaries was about 2,300 copies.

Early Translations – Complete manuscripts of the Injeel translated from Greek to other Mediterranean languages are important in verifying the New Testament’s reliability.

Church Fathers – Leaders of the Christian community who were followers of Christ’s apostles were known as “church fathers.”  You could call them second-generation disciples.  Following Christ under severe persecution, they led their communities to faith in Christ.  These letters and sermons have been uncovered around the Mediterranean Sea, with quotes and passages in total agreement with today’s texts.


The Church in the First Three Centuries

History of the Christian Church, Volume II: Ante-Nicene Christianity. A.D. 100-325.




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Have you ever noticed how many special ways God refers to us, His dear children? He calls us His beloved sons and daughters, the righteous, children of the kingdom, His anointed, royal priesthood, the faithful in Christ, His temple, His friends, and so many other loving names that speaks to who we are in Him. Also in many cases, the names we are given at birth have both biblical and heavenly identities tied into them. Our Heavenly Father who watches over us daily has created the ideal path for each of us to take to travel the journey of life, just as a father will make plans for his own child by putting things in place at a very early age for education, health, graduation, and marriage. God has predestined and equipped each of us to carry out a specific purpose that will create the design He desires to be in place for His kingdom to be effective in the earth.
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