Investigative questions regarding the Injeel


Investigative questions to decide if the Injeel was corrupted as determined by some Muslims.

Who corrupted the Injeel?

First of all, one has to understand what the Qur’an and the Injeel teach about what God says about communicating and protecting His message.  Secondly, one has to investigate the history of how the early Qur’an and Injeel were compiled into the books that became the authoritative collection of God’s message from Mohammad and Isa.  Lastly, one has to check what scholars say about the transmission of the Qur’an and Injeel manuscripts over the years, since their authoritative compilation.

Allah guaranteed the protection of all His messages—the Qur’an as well as the messages to earlier prophets. Thus, God’s protection of His message was not unique to the Qur’an. No human can change the words of God. In addition, nowhere in the Qur’an does it state that the Jewish or Christian scriptures had been corrupted, but only the charge that the Jews and Christians were hiding part of the truth that was in their scriptures. Thus, based on the ayat (singular ayah – means a sign or miracle, commonly a passage or verse) from the Qur’an and Injeel there is an understanding that God’s words are protected from change.

Why was the Injeel changed?

We should not find it amazing that there are so many positive things written about the Holy Books (Taurat and Injeel) in the Honored Qur’an! Yet in spite of all this, well-meaning folks will tell you that these books are corrupted! Imagine to say such things about the Holy Books sent down from Allah? It is an insult to Him! As if Allah is not able to keep His words intact from evil minds! Yet these same sources that say the Holy Books of the Taurat and the Injeelhave been altered or corrupted will at the same time freely quote from them to further their thinking! They even memorize large portions of the Bible Scriptures and then say they are corrupted and they will tell you that these are not the Words of Allah! Friends if this is so, why would you fill your mind with books which have been corrupted? At other times they freely quote from these supposedly corrupted books to prove their point, but how can they be sure that what they are quoting hasn’t been corrupted? Friends all of this should tell us that people’s minds have been heavily influenced by Iblis (Satan). Allah knows what He is doing! Let us trust Him and rest upon the Words sent down from Him and take these words for your own. Read again the words of Sura 5:46 Al-Maeda that the Injeel (Gospel) was sent through Isa al-Masih as guidance and admonition to those who fear Allah.

Where and when was the Injeel changed – before or after the coming of the Prophet Muhammad?

If the Injeel contained enlightenment about the existence of God and God’s beautiful plan for the world, what would motivate someone to change that revelation? If the Injeel was changed why would God allow early Christians to live in ignorance of God’s will for nearly six hundred years, the time between the Injeels supposed corruption and the coming of the prophet of Islam? People are in a continual quest to know God’s will, Why destroy that sought-after treasure for many generations. Where was the Injeel changed, what place or city, a religious center or a political center? What governments considered the Injeel a threat to them?

Rome, Byzantium, Alexandria, and Jerusalem—-all these were powerful epicenters of religious thought. But would any be more powerful than God Almighty. Can we find the original Injeel in that place and compare it with the present Injeel?

Which parts were changed?

Some might argue that only some of the Injeel is God’s Word, but not all of it. However, this would still make it impossible for people to “judge” by it because they would not know which parts offer a reliable basis for judgment.

Ibn Ishaq tells us, that the prophet of Islam was delighted that he abided by the Torah in making his decision when the Jews did not: “I am the first to revive the order of God and His Book and to practice it” (p 267).

‘If only they had stood fast by the Law, the Gospel, and all the revelation that was sent to them from their Lord, they would have enjoyed happiness from every side. There is from among them a party on the right course…’ (Surah 5, Al Ma’idah, verse 69)

Ibn Ishaq comments: [Four Jews came to Muhammad and said]: “Do you not allege that you follow the religion of Abraham and believe in the Torah which we have and testify that it is the truth from God?” He replied, “Certainly, but you have sinned and broken the covenant contained therein and concealed what you were ordered to make plain to men, and I dissociate myself from your sin.” They said, “We hold by what we have. We live according to the guidance and the truth and we do not believe in you and we will not follow you.” So God sent down concerning them: “Say, O scripture folk, you have no standing until you observe the Torah and the Gospel and what has been sent down to you from your Lord ….” (5:68, p 268).

Furthermore, that there were Jews and Christians ‘on the right course’ in Muhammad’s time confirms the Torah and the Gospel to be unchanged in the 6th century AD! Certainly, they could never have been described in such an honourable way if they had ‘stood fast’ by corrupted Holy Books!


“My Questions to Muslims”


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